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Lighting fixtures such as bulbs and lamps have become an important aspect of man’s day to day lives. They have become reliant on it when it comes to provide adequate illumination in a room where they stay especially when they have to see things clearly.

Since the creation of fire, light produced by man has been one of the many staples of humanity. If not for our ancestors, would we think of developing the light bulb or anything that radiates for that matter? All of us would still be relying on the sun’s light in order to see clearly thus delaying anything that we desire to do during the evening.

From then on, the kind of lighting fixtures or light bulbs that are made available to man has expanded. Simple light bulbs were a thing of the past when it flourescent lights became a the big thing in the lighting industry. However, although still one of the staple energy conserving fixtures, technology has led to the development of LED lights.

LED, which means Light Emitting Diodes, uses semiconductors which allow these little light bulbs to radiate light as soon as an electric current passes through them. As a result, you get an economically friendly kind of light that does not consume much energy and at the same time, provides you with an efficient lighting right from the very beginning.

This might also be the reason why LED lights are commonly used in electronic devices such as emergency lamps and high definition television.


  Review of the Top 3 LED Flood Lights

MicroSolar Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Light

MicroSolar Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor LightThe MicroSolar Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Light is a security system device capable of detecting motion as far as seven to twelve meters in distance. In addition, it works with 200 triggers and each trigger has been timed to last for an estimated one full minute. Of course, this only is the case when the device is fully charged, and that is why it is important that you charge it well before calling it a night.

It could also be adjusted so no intruder can escape its sight. So, if you have a guard on duty, tell him that he has the ability to move it from left to right if ever needed. In addition, not only does it have a high trigger rate, but it also produces high brightness which is rated at 550 Lumen. Whether or not that is an advantage depends on the kind of operation that you are running.

MiscroSolar Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Light is also built to be resistant to water. This is important if ever these are installed outside of the premises and it rains. It could also be a good defense feature if ever intruders plan to short circuit the device using water making it incapable of functioning properly.

These features alone is proof that purchasing the device is a good investment, both for your home and your business.

If ever anything does go wrong, you do not have to worry because it has a year warranty, which is enough for any technological device.

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LOFTEK® 20W Waterproof Outdoor Security LED Flood Light

LOFTEK® 20W Waterproof Outdoor Security LED Flood LightBecause illumination are not limited to producing white light, LOFTEK® 20W Waterproof Outdoor Security LED Flood Light is capable of producing 16 color tones with four available flash modes. With this, LOFTEK® is capable of providing its users with not only bright, but also a colorful ensemble of illumination across a wide area.

This is a good twist to an otherwise serious issue of making sure that intruders can be seen anywhere they go or to simply provide light inside a wide stadium. With the range that flood lights can reach, covering an entire stadium or coliseum is no problem.

In addition, it has been proven to consume 30 – 50 percent of your current consumption. Part of this is caused by the LED lights that it uses since this lighting fixture has been known to consume less energy compared to commonly used . However, this does not mean that it produces less light. In fact, it produces more efficiently.

LOFTEK® Waterproof Outdoor Security LED Flood Light is also safe for the environment since it does not contain any harmful chemicals such as mercury or lead. The absence of the fragile filament also makes it relatively stable reducing the risk of accidents which are electrical or flammable in nature.

Lastly, it is waterproof which is ideal for flood lights. They are usually installed inside an open field and that is why making sure that they resist the effects of water is necessary to make it last longer.

Overall, this is a good investment if I was to say so myself.

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Ledwholesalers 55 Watt LED Waterpoof Outdoor Security Floodlight

Ledwholesalers 55 Watt LED Waterpoof Outdoor Security FloodlightOverall, this LED Flood Light is like any other flood light that is available in the market which assures you of both power and bright illumination. In addition, it also produces the standard white light that most flood lights produce.

The difference in Ledwholesalers though is provided by the LED lights installed into these flood lights. With the LED lights used, these lighting fixtures consume lesser energy than your usual halogen lights, commonly used in flood lights. In addition, they produce less heat which makes the surrounding air where it is installed less warm than it should be. This is beneficial especially with how hot the planet already is.

It has also been proven to be ideal in wet locations since it is waterproof. This is a perfect feature for flood lights because of how they are constantly exposed to changes in the weather, especially rain, that could short circuit the light bulbs exposing the entire location to high risks of fire and electrical accidents.

Ledwholesalers are also made with a housing made of aluminum making it more durable compared to its many competition in the market.

What makes it all the more worthwhile considering that its glass which completes the casing of these flood lights are made out of toughened glass. In cases where hard objects goes flailing through the air, the light bulbs are well protected and ensures that your flood lights remain intact no matter how much force the contact did.

Looking at these, it is clear that Ledwholesalers is just another company that provides high quality LED Flood Lights for the consumption of the public.

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 Another one of the many applications of LED lights which would prove economically beneficial once more is the creation of LED Flood Lights. These are the kind of lights that beams out white light with an angle so wide that it is capable of covering a huge surface area. Although at times, multiple flood lights are necessary in order to cover an entire field, the fact is, with a very wide angle, these flood lights allow for lesser costs as the number of LED flood lights to be installed are fewer compared its other lighting counterparts.

However, the benefits of LED Flood Lights goes beyond that. It encompasses the physical need of adequate lighting in a large surface area, but its qualities are proof of how much of a benefit these lighting fixtures are capable of providing.

Other advantages that LED FLood Lights provide over its competing variations include the following qualities.

It Lasts Longer

First is their longevity which has been a staple of LED lights for a very long time. It has been proven to be capable of outlasting its other competition as much as 10 times longer. According to technicians, LED Flood Lights are capable of lasting up to 50,000 hours at an average given that it is only being used at an average of three hours per day. As a result, LED light bulbs are also very eco-friendly.

When it lasts longer than what a light bulb normally would, then it would mean you will replace the bulb less frequently and therefore, reducing the amount of chemical waste released into the environment.

In addition, LED light bulbs do not die out abruptly. Instead, they gradually produce a dimmer light than it before. It is a warning to the operator that the bulb is almost dying out. Its gradual dimming rather than an abrupt death gives you enough time to find a replacement especially when it happens during the night.

Less Energy Consumed, Less Bills to Pay

It is also important to note that LED lights are energy friendly. They are reported to only consume 20 percent of what its counterparts consume. Considering how large and how much energy is needed to power flood lights, it is a smart choice to have those fixtures that uses LED light bulbs.

Heat is Less

LED lights also produces less heat compared to various versions that the light bulb have in the market. In a way, this is beneficial especially with the heat that the planet is already producing, having light bulbs that produce heat just adds to the problem especially when it is as big and numerous as flood lights. That is why using light bulbs that produce less heat is a good way to prevent the air from heating up. It is already hot as it is.

Safety is its Number One Priority

LED Flood Lights are also the safest. This is in line with how much heat it produces and with a lighting fixture as big as flood lights, it is important that the bulbs used are safe.

Electrical lighting has been causing fire left and right, and LED light bulbs were developed with that that thought in mind. That is why they made LED light bulbs without the fragile filament that is present in many light bulbs of other variations. In fact, with its absence, there is no reason for LED light bulbs to cause fire or electric accidents.

Feels Like Daylight

LED light bulbs used in flood lights produces the kind of light that mimics sunlight in its most timid state. This means it does not hurt the eyes which makes seeing in its presence very easy.

Since this is focused on flood lights, then, it is important to tell you that if LED light bulbs are installed in stadiums, people might think that it is daytime. As a result, it might give the added boost to help spectators cheer their team on. Having light that clearly shows that it is nighttime might trigger their body to tire out easily.

Nighttime is for sleeping – our body clocks says so.

No Weather Can Break It

This kind of light bulb is also resistant to any kind of changes in the weather which already includes the extreme fluctuations of the surrounding temperature. Normally, light bulbs of any kind other than LED would easily be affected by the changes in the surrounding temperature.

This is even more apparent in temperatures that drop to negative degrees Celsius. Even in these extremely cold conditions, LED Flood Lights continue to become functional thus radiating the kind of illumination that you expect from other light bulbs, but failed to do so.

Again, an Epitome of Safety

LED light bulbs were also manufactured with the absence of various chemicals such as mercury, lead, and various carbon that are usually emitted when using light bulbs like CFL for example. Therefore, with the absence of any harmful chemical emissions, the environment remains safe from these chemicals’ harmful effects making it even safer for the people exposed to its light.

Technology has progressed further than we have imagined. Back in the day, when it came to dealing lighting fixtures, it would have meant having to deal with glass heating up, chemicals being produced from its use, thus exposing individuals to a very hazardous environment which is at high risk of causing accidents which could be flammable or electrical in nature.

As you can see, we have a lot of things to thank modern technology and the innovators who drives it to improve. It is our only access to not only what’s good for the modern times that provides convenience, but also, what’s good for us. Not just in our utilization of these technological advancements but also for our safety. Technology has proven that when it progresses, there are times when it takes a turn for the worst, harming us in some other way. However, with LED light bulbs, and specifically LED Flood Lights, you are assured of the most advanced lighting fixtures that not only saves your pocket but also saves you from any kind of physical harm that other lighting fixtures secretly exposes you to.

If still not convinced, look around the internet, and you will find several products that utilizes LED technology.


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