Lithonia OLFL 14 PE BZ M4 Security LED Dusk to Dawn Floodlight


The product of our review today will be the Lithonia OLFL 14 PE BZ M4 Security LED Dusk-to-Dawn Floodlight. This is a fairly new item on the market. It has a dusk-to-dawn photocell which automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn for both convenience and energy saving. The product is covered with rugged cast-aluminum, corrosion-resistant housing in bronze finish. It is a very nice addition for every household. The tempered glass lens of the product is fully gasketed in order to protect LEDs and keep out any moisture, dirt or bugs. The lamp is equipped with precision optics and reflector for a maximum light output. Because of its design, the product is able to mount easily to existing junction box on walls or under eaves. It’s really something that should not be missed out.

From all the tests that have been conducted with this product, I have found out that it is fully able to provide a fairly even light that backfills fixtures very nicely and it is also able to produce a very good looking consistent light color. The product is available for purchase from the Amazon website for just $73.00.

Lithonia OLFL 14 PE BZ M4 Security LED Dusk to Dawn Floodlight

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The manufacturers of the lamp, Lithonia Lightning, are one of the leading companies on the American and international market. The product also possesses a very long life expectancy. Due to the smart technology that was used to create it, the product is available to start on its own when it is dusk and then again stop on its own when it’s dawn.

Here is the full list of specs of the lamp:

Cost: $73.00

Product Dimensions: 6.4 x 4.4 x 4.4 inches

Item Weight: 2 pounds

Type of bulb: LED

Luminous Flux: 1351

Number of Handles: 1

Test Results

During the conducted tests, there were not any representatives of the manufacturing company, and also all the tests were managed using digital timers, set distances, laser distance meters, two separate foot candle meters, and a laser thermal gauge. The same test platform was used for the conduction of all the tests in order to ensure consistent results. All of the taken measurements were done by equipment that was mounted on a tripod, and when it was applicable, timers were utilized. All pieces of equipment were calibrated prior to the tests, and the distances were confirmed. In general, all of the tests were able to support the claims of the manufacturers.

Here are some pros and cons of the product that should be taken into account.


- Solid construction

- Affordable price

- Long lamp life compared to other similar products

- Automatically turns on and off

- Easy to install and maintain


- During testing we saw that the heat sink becomes hotter than in some similar products.

Closing Statements: As a whole, the Lithonia OLFL 14 PE BZ M4 Security LED Dusk-to-Dawn Floodlight is a quite decent product. The produced light output and color are both quite consistent. It also has a very nice overall feel; and it is quite easy to install and maintain. It is able to provide years of services for commercial outdoor applications such as yards, driveways, patios, loading areas and warehouses. As soon as the lamp detects darkness, it turns on automatically. The LEDs are fully protected by the fully gasketed tempered glass lens which keeps out any bugs, dirt or moisture. The product is rated for outdoor installation. The high performance LEDs are able to produce 1400 Lumens and maintain 70% of light output at 50,000 hours of service which is very impressing for this kind of lamps.

Given the high quality of the product, it is quite reasonable to say that the price is very affordable. The lamp also has a very good life expectancy. Thanks to its great and slick design, it can easily be mounted wherever the consumer desires. This lamp is a much sought product, and it can be purchased from the Amazon website for merely $73.00, with free shipping as well. There is also a One-Day Shipping option at checkout, meaning that the customer may have the product delivered at their doorstep merely 24 hours after the purchase. This is quite a bargain.

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